Schedule Your Own Appointments on our Website!

Easy Breezy.

Now you can schedule your own appointments on our website!

Simply visit, and click on the “Book an Appointment” button on the sidebar of any page.  Or click here and get directed there straight from this email:

Please make a note of the following:

Not all of our therapists are available for online scheduling.  If you know you like working with a therapist who is not on the online appointment scheduler, please call our main number at 314-588-8266, or your therapist’s direct line.

Please also note that we have separated out deep tissue massage as its own offering, at different price points than our regular massage.  Most of us incorporate some deeper work into regular massage sessions as needed.  Our deep tissue offering is designed for individuals who want focused deep work and very firm massage overall.  If you are a regular at GardenWalk and receive deeper work, please consult with your therapist about whether this change effects you.

We hope you’ll find our online scheduling convenient and easy to use.  Please also feel free to call anytime with feedback, questions, or to book your appointments the way we’ve been doing it all along, by phone.

Thank you, as always, for supporting independently-owned local business.  And have fun scheduling, now 24/7!

-Lisa Young, LMT and Owner of GardenWalk