Shy or Self-Conscious? Try clothed massage!

As massage therapists, we appreciate working with clients with all body types, sizes, shapes, and levels of health.  Part of our job is to help our clients feel as comfortable as possible while they are with us, and we do our best to put our clients at ease.  But we understand that everyone has a […]

Massage for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Through the years, I’ve worked with many clients who suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis and related conditions.  Massage usually provides them with some immediate pain relief, and sometimes makes a very positive impact on their ongoing pain management. Some Rheumatologists are now recommending massage as an additional treatment, and some even write prescriptions for massage.  While […]

Massage Can Help Relieve Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease

I see more and more clients these days who are suffering with autoimmune diseases.  From rheumatoid arthritis to Type I diabetes, to a wide array of conditions with lesser-known names.  In most cases, these conditions cause significant inflammation, pain, and extreme fatigue, along with a whole host of symptoms that can range from irritating to […]

Use your FSA to pay for massage

Did you know that for certain medical conditions, a Flexible Spending Account can be used to pay for massage?  Also, while we don’t do any direct billing to insurance at GardenWalk, we can always provide you with receipts that you can send to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  Check with your FSA plan, your […]

Massage can lead to healing on many levels

The way we practice massage therapy at GardenWalk is about so much more than working out muscle tension and encouraging relaxation.   In times of high anxiety, stress and mourning, we are a safe place that promotes healing on many levels.  Just an hour of quiet in a calm space focused on peace and wellness […]

Medical Benefits of Massage

This is a helpful news story on the health benefits of massage therapy.  Most of GardenWalk’s therapists practice a combination of Swedish massage and what the doctor here refers to as “neuromuscular massage…truly therapy…getting into areas where muscle tension is held most tightly, working to release that muscle tension, and thereby reducing inflammation.” Also some […]

Happy Mothers Day!

A massage gift certificate is a great Mother’s Day gift for moms of all ages and moms-to-be. Happy Mother’s Day week to all you moms out there!

Spring Special – This Week Only

Spring Special, This Week Only! 60 Minute GardenWalk Select Massage only $50! Get your Mother’s Day gifts early, or give your favorite gardener (maybe that’s YOU!) the gift of rejuvenation. Massage is a healthy and enjoyable way to transition into a new season. Click Here to Purchase: