Shy or Self-Conscious? Try clothed massage!

As massage therapists, we appreciate working with clients with all body types, sizes, shapes, and levels of health.  Part of our job is to help our clients feel as comfortable as possible while they are with us, and we do our best to put our clients at ease.  But we understand that everyone has a different level of modesty, and many people are shy or self-conscious about their bodies.  Often, this keeps people from ever receiving massage in the first place.

Or maybe you’ve had massages before, but on a particular day or during a certain time of your life, you’re feeling a bit more vulnerable, and would rather not disrobe to receive a massage.   Did you know that you can receive a healing massage session while fully clothed?

While Swedish massage usually includes lotion or oil, and gliding movements applied directly to the skin, similar techniques can be used without lotion or oil to massage your face, neck, scalp, hands, arms and feet while you are clothed.   And there are many other techniques, such as friction, pressure point work (working on specific knots of tension), rocking, compression, energy work, and stretching, that can be used very effectively through your clothing.

You can benefit from most of the same health benefits as with a traditional Swedish massage, such as relaxation, enhanced immunity, better circulation, and pain relief.  And you won’t experience any of the anxiety that might otherwise accompany getting a traditional massage.

So don’t let discomfort about disrobing keep you from enjoying the benefits of massage.  Request a clothed massage, and start feeling better right away!  (Please mention this when you schedule.  Thanks!)