Massage Can Help Relieve Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease

I see more and more clients these days who are suffering with autoimmune diseases.  From rheumatoid arthritis to Type I diabetes, to a wide array of conditions with lesser-known names.  In most cases, these conditions cause significant inflammation, pain, and extreme fatigue, along with a whole host of symptoms that can range from irritating to debilitating.  There is no current cure for autoimmune diseases, and treatment is often a steroid that creates uncomfortable and disheartening side-effects.

Massage can often help by decreasing inflammation, loosening bound-up tissues, increasing circulation, boosting energy, and creating a general sense of well-being that many autoimmune patients may not have felt for quite some time.  For many clients facing the day-to-day stress of living with an autoimmune condition, massage is their most reliable form of relief.

If you or someone you love is living with an autoimmune disease and would be interested in massage, please let us know.  Talk with your doctor first about whether massage is acceptable for your specific diagnosis, and then give us a call.  You can reach us at the main number 314-588-8266, or you can talk with me directly at 314-255-9888.  Let’s see what we can do to help you feel better!

-Lisa Young, Licensed Massage Therapist & Owner of GardenWalk